Bits, Heads, and Spawners

Mob bits and heads are essentially the main way people make lots of money!

Although bits and heads each play important roles for different reasons, a common purpose is to make a lot of money by selling them, especially for early to mid game.


Bits are a blackstone_button base item with different names depending on the mob it dropped from. Placing a bit will turn it back to its original blackstone button form.

Selling Bits for Money

You can sell mob bits 2 ways:

  • Opening the /shop GUI, clicking on the Bits category, and selling them individually

  • Running the command /sell and clicking them from your inventory. You can also shift-click to sell all bits of that type from your inventory at once. /sell command is gated behind Strider rank.

Bits Price Lists

Bits for Crafting Purposes

Bits are also used for crafting Spawner Key Fragments. Once craft, these Fragments are used to then craft a Spawner Crate Key. All Spawner Key Fragments are the same, regardless of the type of bits you used to create it.

You cannot mix-and-match bits in the Spawner Key Fragment recipes.

Bits are utilized a lot in Prestige ranks. Prestige ranks are meant to be discovered, so we will not go into detail. If you have your game rank synced with discord, you'll gain access to a Prestige Ranks channel once you reach Prestige Chicken, where you can discuss Prestige related info without worrying about giving spoilers.


Placing heads will render them down to only a deco item and are then unsellable.

Selling Heads for Money

You can sell mob heads 3 ways:

  • Opening the /shop GUI, clicking on the Sellable Heads category, and selling them individually

  • Running the command /sellheads hand, which sells only the head(s) you are holding

  • Running the command /sellheads all, which sells all heads in your inventory

Heads Price Lists

Heads for Crafting Purposes

Heads can also be used to craft Spawner Crate Keys of different types, depending on the heads you use in the recipe.

Please note, as an example, you did not have to use Elder Guardian bits to craft the Spawner Key Fragment used in the Elder Guardian Spawner Crate Key recipe. The Spawner Key Fragment can be crafted with any type of bits and it will come out to be a singular uniform item that can be used in any Spawner Crate Key recipe.

There is no cooldown for crafting Spawner Crate Keys.

You cannot mix-and-match heads in the Spawner Crate Key recipes.


If you find a spawner in the wild, you can break it with a Silk Touch pickaxe! Once it becomes yours and you place it somewhere else, you no longer need to use Silk Touch to pick it up.

Spawners can "stack" up to 5x if they are of the same type. Simply place a spawner and click on it with another spawner of the same type. If you mine a stacked spawner it will only drop 1 but if you mine it while holding shift it will drop the whole stack as 1 item. This item will say something like "5x Zombie Spawner".

A player must be within a 16 block distance for spawners to activate.

Spawner GUI

Shift-right clicking your spawner will open a GUI that can tell you different stats about it.

The slot with the emerald block will either be an emerald block or a redstone block depending on if the spawn conditions are correct. If they are not correct, it will tell you what's wrong.

Spawner Crate Keys

There are 2 forms of Spawner Crate Keys, 1 is a generic key and the other is a specific spawner key indicated in its name. For ease of explanation, we'll call these key Spawner Crate Key (generic) and Spawner Crate Key (specific).

Spawner Crate Key (generic)

These generic keys are only able to be used at the Spawner Crate at spawn. You obtain your first one as a rank reward for ranking up to Wither and you obtain more through various rank rewards after Wither.

Spawner Crate Key (specific)

Specific Spawner Crate Keys are craftable using bits and heads. The type of mob head you use will determine the Spawner Crate Key you craft. See above "Heads for Crafting Purposes" to learn how to craft Spawner Crate Keys.

Available Spawners

You can find all of these spawners at /warp Spawner_Crates.

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