Slimefun Scourge

Take all your frustrations out on addon developers by defeating them in this repeatable boss rush!

Type: Boss Rush

Prerequisites: (none)

Danger Level: 10

Difficulty: 4/5

Goal: Defeat the Mega Slimefun Dev final boss

Pick up your entities. Most (if not all) of the drops are named items which do not get removed by clearlagg. There are trashcans all over the place in the dungeon, utilize them! There's also ender chests scattered about for easy storage.

Some effects have been disabled for balancing reasons

You can enter this dungeon every 30 minutes (cooldown begins after leaving it). This means if you fall in the lava, have to go back home, die, etc., you will not be able to warp here again for 30 minutes.

Any Multishot enchant may result in bosses not dropping loot!

What to Do

Ascend the dungeon defeating the evil piglin versions of many different Slimefun developers, and defeat the Mega Slimefun Dev final boss located at the top.

What You Get

All mini bosses will drop their heads. Sometimes they will drop a Lucky Sword or Lucky Axe, and sometimes they will drop something more specific to the addon(s) they created (or a general Slimefun item drop).

Boss NameDrop


Rainbow Glass x4


Magic Sugar x4


Ancient Rune [Fireproof]



Ender Lump - III x4



Gold Block (24-Carat)


Reinforced Alloy Ingot x2






Lapotron Crystal x2


Poggy Crate


MagSteel Plate x2


Bucket of Oil x4

Mega Slimefun Dev

Unofficial Slimefun Dev

While most of the mini bosses wield (and can drop) a Lucky Sword or Lucky Axe, TheBusyBiscuit wields a Blade of Vampires which has 0% chance to drop. Mega Slimefun Dev will drop the Unofficial Slimefun Dev sword 100% of the time.

Unlike other items with very high enchantment levels, this one is not Bound to the player! You can keep it for your own use, sell it, or put 3 of them in a crafting table to make a Slimefun Crate key!

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