Replacement Policy

The Oops Replacement

Every player is entitled to 1 Oops Replacement. This means we will replace something for you that you lost due to your own mistake, 1 time. This could be anything from a machine, to recovering a backpack (if possible). You only get 1 of these, choose wisely!

Anything After Your Oops Replacement

Due to recent (and age old) events, you assume sole responsibility for your item loss and absolutely NO replacements will be given if proof cannot be provided of how you lost your item and/or if it's due to player error. YOU are required to provide proof. If you cannot provide proof that your item was lost by no fault of your own, do not bother to ask for replacements because it will not be given and we will not spend all the time trying to investigate.

If you believe you've lost your item due to a bug, please report this bug to admin detailing steps of how to recreate this bug.

Common activities in which people lose (or ruin) items due to their own mistake include (but not limited to):

  • AFK farming

  • Enchanting/disenchanting

  • Altering Tantrum items

  • "Set-and-forget" systems you've built

  • Finding bugs and exploiting them

  • Clogged cargo/storage systems

  • Excessive heads at your base, aka nodes of different types

  • High level of efficiency on pickaxe when breaking Slimefun machine blocks. This is a known bug, so just don't do it

  • Storing backpacks within backpacks, aka "backpackception"

  • Item loss due to your own connectivity issues

This list is not concrete and more can be added later if we come across any new situations.

Keep in mind:

  • It is highly recommended to test your farms extensively before AFKing to ensure you will not encounter item loss.

  • It is highly recommended to not store valuables in any backpacks.

  • Slimefun is extremely powerful, do not put all your faith into any systems you've built unless you really understand the extent of what you've done.

  • Mob plates can and will break your high level armor if you do not know what you're doing.

  • XP collectors can render mending ineffective.

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