Rank 5


45 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 45 hours

This can include AFK time.

250 McMMO power level
  • Reach a power level of 250

McMMO XP can also be found in Vote Crates!

Quest: Gimme Your Money
  • Type: /cheque 2500

  • Have: Cheque for $2,500.00

Hold a piece of paper in hand while running the command.

The cheque for this quest is automatically removed after you make it.


+ 30 XP levels
  • Receive 30 levels worth of XP

/trash permission

Easily get rid of unwanted items with /trash

Toggle compass in /options
  • New option available in /options: Toggle Compass

Compass will appear at the top of your screen.

Access to weekly rewards
  • Weekly rewards now available in /rewards

Weekly rewards include:

  • + 7,000 Claim Blocks

  • + $100,000

  • + 150 XP levels

  • + 750 Tokens

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