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Rank 5


45 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 45 hours
This can include AFK time.
250 McMMO power level
  • Reach a power level of 250
McMMO XP can also be found in Vote Crates!
Quest: Gimme Your Money
  • Type: /cheque 2500
  • Have: Cheque for $2,500.00
Hold a piece of paper in hand while running the command.
The cheque for this quest is automatically removed after you make it.


+ 30 XP levels
  • Receive 30 levels worth of XP
+ 1 DankPack (Tier 5) (Slimefun)
  • Receive a Tier 5 DankPack
A 5th Tier DankPack is a portable storage container that can hold 5 different items, each item maximum storage being 8,192.
It will automatically vacuum your specified items and store them.
DankPacks do not vacuum anything at all if your inventory is completely full! You must have at least one empty inventory slot open for this item to work properly.
Toggle compass in /options
  • New option available in /options: Toggle Compass
Compass will appear at the top of your screen.
Access to weekly rewards
  • Weekly rewards now available in /rewards
Weekly rewards include:
  • + 7,000 Claim Blocks
  • + $100,000
  • + 150 XP levels
  • + 750 Tokens
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