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Rank 14


135 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 135 hours
This can include AFK time.
Quest: Experience Earning
  • Earn: 358,470 XP points
This is roughly level 0-300
Bottled XP does not count towards Experience Earning quests!
Quest: Wither Waster
  • Kill: 3 Withers
Track your quest progress by typing /quests started.
Advancement: Withering Heights
  • Summon the Wither


Access to spawner crates
  • Permissions to warp to /warp Spawner_Crates
  • Permissions to open spawner crates
Spawner Crates (specific) share an 8 hour cooldown.
+ 1 Spawner Crate Key
This Key is to be used for the Spawner Crate at spawn.
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