Tantrum Crate

The Tantrum Crate is a physical crate located at /warp Info-Island. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds. The contents consist of 12 different pieces of Tantrum gear (Tier 1), each reward having an equal chance of dropping. This crate gives 1 item per roll.

The Key for this crate can be purchased from the server shop for $750,000 each.

Contents are as follows:

  • Tantrum Coif

  • Tantrum Plate

  • Tantrum Pants

  • Tantrum Greaves

  • Bobby the Rat

  • Tantrum Bow

  • Tantrum Trident

  • Tantrum Pick

  • Tantrum Shovel

  • Tantrum Hoe

  • Tantrum Pole

  • Tantrum Blade

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