Rank 16


175 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 175 hours

This can include AFK time.

Quest: Gimme Your Money
  • Type: /cheque 5000000

  • Have: Cheque for $5,000,000.00

Hold a piece of paper in hand while running the command.

The cheque for this quest is automatically removed after you make it.

Quest: Experience Earning
  • Earn: 2,411,595 XP points

This is roughly level 0-750

Bottled XP does not count towards Experience Earning quests!

Quest: Cod Killer
  • Kill: 300 Cod

Track your quest progress by typing /quests started.

Advancement: Adventuring Time
  • Discover every biome

This advancement is only for overworld biomes.

It is not possible to find out which biomes you've already visited. The most you can do is use a checklist.


+ 1 Spawner Crate Key

This Key is to be used for the Spawner Crate at spawn.

/ptime and /pweather perms
  • Permissions to use /ptime command

  • Permissions to use /pweather command

/ptime <day>/<dusk>/<freeze>/<morning>/<night>/<realtime>/<reset>/<unfreeze>

/pweather <rain>/<reset>/<sun>

These settings are not global, they only apply to you.

+ 2,400 Claim Blocks
  • Receive a bonus 2,400 Claim Blocks

See your Claim Blocks amount on your quickboard.

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