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Crate Key and Upgrade Tokens

The Polished Upgraders and Pristine Upgraders categories in the server shop are gated behind Chicken Rank

Tantrum Crate Key

You can purchase a Tantrum Crate Key from the Polished Upgraders category in the server shop for $750,000.
When starting on your journey to obtain each piece of Tantrum gear, you'll find that you will have to open the Tantrum Crate many times. You will most likely receive multiple items you already have.
You can use 2 of the same Tantrum item to get 1 new Tantrum Crate Key. Head over to /warp Info-Island and you'll see signs inside the middle structure. Hold both of the same pieces of gear in your hands, 1 in your mainhand and 1 in your offhand, and then click the corresponding sign to trade in your 2 items for the new key.

Pristine Token

The Pristine token is only used for purchasing custom enchants from the High Sorcery NPC at /warp Info-Island. You can purchase a Pristine Token from the Pristine Upgraders category in the server shop for $20,000,000.