Custom Crafting

You can get a free Custom Recipe Book from the villager that lives inside the tree at spawn.

There are currently 7 categories in the Custom Recipe Book:

  • Minecraft +

  • Key Fragments

  • Spawner Keys

  • Summoning

  • Shiny Wares

  • Misc

Please note the Compass icon at the bottom of the page after you click on a category. This button is a filter and should be set to "Browse" to view all recipes in that category, or set to another filter type to view anything with that specific filter in that specific category.

If you click on a category and see nothing in it, make sure your filter is set to "Browse"!

Elite Crafting

You might come across situations where you'll need to use an Elite Crafting Table. These crafting tables are larger than 3x3 and are only found/used to do server specific things. For example, you will find 4x4 Elite Crafting Tables doing the puzzle type dungeons.

MEGA WARNING: Elite Crafting Tables are buggy and you should not shift-click items into them! Your items have a very high chance of disappearing forever if you shift-click to insert them!

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