Rank 6


55 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 55 hours

This can include AFK time.

500 McMMO power level
  • Reach a power level of 500

McMMO XP can also be found in Vote Crates!

Quest: Gimme Your Money
  • Type: /cheque 5000

  • Have: Cheque for $5,000.00

Hold a piece of paper in hand while running the command.

The cheque for this quest is automatically removed after you make it.


+ 1 /sethome
  • Receive 1 more slot for a home point

You now have a total of 4 /sethome locations.

+ 35 XP levels
  • Receive 35 levels worth of XP

/chat perms
  • Permissions to use /chat command and all its variations

/chat create <roomname> - Create a chat room

/chat invite <player> - Invite someone to a chat room

/chat join <roomname> - Join a chat room

/chat kick <player> - Kick someone from a chat room

/chat leave <roomname> - Leave a chatroom

/chat list - Lists all people in your current chat room

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