Tier 3 - Pristine

Enchants are not removeable from these items.

The Polished Upgraders and Pristine Upgraders categories in the server shop are gated behind Chicken Rank

Upgrading from Tier 2 to Tier 3

Each item can be upgraded to Tier 3 as long as it hasn't been altered. To upgrade, you'll need to purchase a the corresponding Upgrader book from the Pristine Upgraders category in /shop.

Apply the Upgrader book to your Tier 2 piece by dragging and dropping the book onto your item. Once applied, you will see it as an enchantment in the lore of your item. Hold your item in your main hand and left click to upgrade it.

Soul bound

All tiers of Tantrum gear are soul bound to the player. This is automatic and there's no way to unbind it. This form of soul binding does not mean "to keep on death", it means it belongs solely to the player. No one else can pick it up off the ground or out of chests. If somehow someone else gets a hold of your soul bound item, it will be removed from their inventory and placed in an imaginary storage container and waits there for you to retrieve it. To retrieve your 'lost' soul bound item(s), run the command /returnitems and it will open up this imaginary container where your item is waiting.

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