Spawner Keys

Spawner Keys are crafted with any Key Fragment (regardless of the type of bits you used to make it) and the type of mob heads respective to the spawner you intend to get.

For instance, you can make a Key Fragment using Enderman bits and use it in a Spawner Key recipe with Ghast heads and it will create a Ghast Spawner Key.

Spawner Keys are craftable at any time and have no cooldown to craft them, however the usage of the key at the crates has a shared cooldown! If you use a key on a spawner crate, you will not be able to use any other Spawner Key on any other Spawner Crate for 8 hours. You can view your cooldown status on your quickboard.

Although these keys can be crafted at any rank, you will not be able to warp to Spawner_Crates or use the key there until you reach Wither rank! You can also see if another player will craft it for you/open the crate for you.

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