Plugin Specific/Misc



Open the AdvancedEnchantments (AE) alchemist menu

/ar check

Check your rankup status

/ar choose

Choose your rank path


Open the ArtMap GUI

/bottle <amount>

Bottle your XP in points (not levels!)

/brew info

Tells you how drunk you are


Register an account for DynMap


Hide yourself on DynMap


Show yourself on DynMap


Open the AE menu

/jobs browse

Browse and join jobs

/jobs top <job>

See who's at top rank for a specified job


Link your game rank with discord role

/quests, /q

Open the quests menu

/quests started

Keep track of the quests you've started


Retrieve your misplaced soulbound items


Open the AE tinkerer menu


Toggle UltimateTimber on or off

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