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All Pokemon rights belong to Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.
Pokemon are collectable only! They cannot battle each other and there are no gyms. Please keep in mind that our Pokemon system is not nearly as accurate as we would like it to be, simply due to limitations by plugins. This is not Pixelmon. There's over 1,000 items and I've painstakingly added in each and every one of them, named them all, and implemented them all in some way, such as customized crafting recipes, custom made machines, block drops, mob drops, quests, etc.
Exact drop rates are not public information. We have known rarities: common, uncommon, occasional, rare, and legendary. Shinies have their own drop rate system.
There are several ways you can obtain Pokemon on MCTantrum, including breaking blocks, fishing, killing mobs, breeding, egg hatching quests, and legendary quests.
You can evolve some Pokemon by trading with the NPC at spawn or with evolution stones. Buy evolution stones from the Pokeshop at spawn using ₽okedollars, which are available in /tokenshop.

Find recipes for Pokemon items in the Custom Recipe Book (in game) or here.

Here's a quick video:
Drop rates have been greatly increased for purposed of making this video!
The following is a spreadsheet detailing how to find each Pokemon along with their rarites. Please take note at the bottom of the doc there is a sheet for each generation. This will be updated at each gen release to reflect newly added Pokemon.
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