Fusion Catalysts

Fusion Catalysts make it possible to fuse your T3 item with a Calamity item, aka apply the Calamity item as a skin.

There are currently 2 ways of obtaining them:

  • In the Vote Crate, "Fusion Catalyst Voucher", at a 0.01% drop chance

How to Use a Fusion Catalyst

  1. Have a T3 item (we'll say Pristine Gladius for purposes of this guide), and the Fusion Catalyst of your choice.

  2. Turn your Pristine Gladius to netherite using the Gear Transformer (from Slimefun). You need to do this step if you are using a Pristine Gladius sword or a Pristine Broadaxe.

  3. Drag and drop the Fusion Catalyst onto your netherite Pristine Gladius.

  4. Hold netherite Pristine Gladius in main hand and right click to start fusion.

Example of an epic sword made by Azgodeth!

Made by fusing a Neptune's Bounty with a Pristine Gladius and adding more enchantments and Trackers

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