Rank 1


2 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 2 hours

This can include AFK time.

Quest: Chicken: Iron Ore
  • Mine & submit: 20 Iron Ore

  • Mine & submit: 20 Deepslate Iron Ore

You must use Silk Touch! Once this quest is started, it will automatically take the ores from your inventory once you have the required amount.

Track your quest progress by typing /quests started.

Advancement: Suit Up
  • Have any type of iron armor in your inventory


+ 1 /sethome
  • Receive 1 more slot for a home point

You now have a total of 2 /sethome locations.

+ 10 XP levels
  • Receive 10 levels worth of XP

/setwarp perms
  • Permissions to use /setwarp command

To make a warp, stand where you want players to be teleported to and run the command /setwarp <name>

+ 1 Infused Magnet and research (Slimefun)
  • Receive an Infused Magnet

  • Gain the research for the Infused Magnet

With the magnet in your inventory, holding shift will vacuum up items near you!

/fly perms (claims)
  • Permissions to use /fly command

You can use this command to have creative flight in your claims or in any claim you are trusted in.

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