Dynamic Shop and Auction House


The pricelist is a guide you should follow when selling items. Click here to view the google spreadsheet. Take note that most vanilla items are player's choice. Items not listed are also player's choice, sell them for what you want. Items sold at prices outside of the guidelines will have the transaction reversed.

Dynamic Shop (/shop)

The server shop is dynamic, meaning the players control the prices of most items offered. Similarly to a stock market, the more people buy, the higher the price goes and the more people sell, the lower the price goes.

Some shop categories have static prices and infinite stock. Static prices do not change no matter how much people buy or sell. These categories include:

  • Crate Keys (buy only)

  • Polished Upgraders (buy only)(gated behind Chicken rank)

  • Pristine Upgraders (buy only)(gated behind Chicken rank)

  • Sellable Heads (sell only)

  • Bits (buy and sell)

  • Prestige Shop (buy only)(gated behind Prestige Dragon rank)

The shop is not exploitable. You may think you've found a loophole to earn quick money, but you're allowed. For instance, if buying 4 snowballs costs you $1 and the sell price of a snow block is $10, you are allowed to buy many snowballs and craft them into snow blocks to sell them back.

Sometimes an item will run out of stock. This would indicate that the sell price is probably very high at that point and you're encouraged to sell that item to 1. earn a bunch of money, and 2. stock the shop back up.

Rapid selling of items is done through /sell, but the command is gated behind Strider rank.

Quickly selling heads is done through /sellheads hand or /sellheads all.

A nice feature of the shop is that you can open the GUI and click on any item in your inventory - if it's already in the shop, it will bring you to that page.

Auction House (/ah)

To put an item on the Auction House, hold the item(s) you want to sell in your hand and run the command /ah sell <price>.

To cancel an item you've listed, click on the "Current Listings" button in the Auction House GUI.

The item will stay on the Auction House for exactly 7 days after listing it. After it has expired, you'll be able to retrieve your unsold item by clicking the "Current Listings" button in the GUI and then clicking on "Expired Listings".

Items have a minimum sell price of $10 and a maximum of $750,000,000.

Successful sales are broadcasted in chat and in discord channel #mc-chat.

You can have a maximum of 15 listings at once.

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