Sign Shop, Plots, and Warps

Sign Shop

Basic Sign Shop

Sign Shops can be set up in any dimension. It is not recommended to set one up in The End since players cannot claim land there (unless you have Legacy status) and it is not recommended to set one up in Resource World since it fully resets every 24 hours.

  1. Place down a chest with the item(s) you want to sell. Only put the amount you want to sell when someone makes a purchase, so if you want to sell 4 netherite ingots, only put 4 in there. You can change this later.

  2. Place your sign. This sign does not have to be near the chest. The lines should read as follows:

    1. [Buy]

    2. Description (or nothing, can leave blank if desired)

    3. Description (or nothing, can leave black if desired)

    4. Price of item (no symbols, just a number)

  3. To link the chest and sign together, LEFT CLICK the CHEST FIRST, then left click the sign.

Congratulations! You now have a sign shop. After your sign shop is created, you can stock your chest with more of the item and it will still only sell a player the amount you originally specified during setup.

Keep in mind that when your stock runs out, the "[Buy]" part of your sign will turn red. You can just restock your chest and right click the sign to turn it blue again.

Other Types of Sign Shops

Sign Shop comes with more options than just signs for shops. Here is a list of signs you can make:



Sell an item to the shop chest for the price specified on the 4th line


Trades one set of items for another, 2 chests required


Link to another Sign Shop to split profits. Lines 2 and 3 are for the other player names, line 4 is the percentage split amount

ex. sign: [Share] PlayerName1 PlayerName2 25/50 Means PlayerName1 will get 25% of profits and PlayerName2 will get 50%


Gives an item to the shop chest


Donates the item in your hand to the shop chest


Gives a random item from the selected chest items (not the entire contents) to the player

Requires each item in the chest to have more than 1 in each stack. As soon as 1 item runs out, the entire sign shop is deemed empty


Turns a lever on


Turns a lever off


Toggles a lever

This is good to use as a spawner remote control. Place a lever on a spawner and link the toggle sign with the lever to create a remote!


Temporarily turns on a lever


Temporarily turns on a lever using items as payment

Spawn Plots

The plots around spawn are for player shops if they want their shop to have visibility and they are gated behind Strider rank. There are 3 size options available.

  • Small - 7x384x9 - $25,000

  • Medium - 9x384x11 - $35,000

  • Large - 19x384x11 - $75,000

Please remember Rule 11. Slimefun machinery is not allowed to be set up in spawn pots as we do not want any excess lag at spawn. You can sell Slimefun items, you just can't set up machines, power, cargo, etc.

USE CAUTION near plot signs! Right clicking an unoccupied plot sign will immediately purchase the plot without confirmation first. You can sell your plot back by shift-right clicking, though you only get a portion of your money back. If you've built something in your plot and decide to sell it back, the entire plot will roll back and reset, erasing everything that was in it. There is no way for this to be undone.

Warps (/warps)

Warps are used by players so others can have quick access to their shops, farms, games, etc. and are gated behind Chicken rank.

To set a warp, stand exactly where you want players to land when they warp, and run the command /setwarp <name>. Names cannot have spaces but can have underscores.

To delete your warp, run /delwarp <name>.

Please remember Rule 12. Warps should only be created if the warp will benefit the community. They should never be used as another /sethome, as a way to get players to warp there to chunkload for you, or any other reasons that could be exploited for your benefit only. Arbitrary warps will get deleted.

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