This will be updated as needed. We are not including the changelog from the original page (2014). It's simply too old!

All updates noted in this changelog specifically only apply to MCTantrum.

July 12th, 2022

First update post 1.19 fix. Mostly some basic machine functions and simple fixes.

- Auto Farm fixed, re-enabled
- Auto Farm MKII fixed, re-enabled
- Infernal Farm fixed, re-enabled
- Netherite axes added as valid material to break STB machines/signs
- All Combine Hoes fixed, re-enabled (Thank you Sefiraat)
- 50k Battery box recipe changed to require Diamond instead of Gold ingot (upgraded machine, slight increased to cost). This makes the 50k Battery Box craftable again.
- Moisture checker's now properly display non-moisture'd blocks as black wool
- A few machines have been fixed to properly update energy after a server restart

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