The first rule about the Badlands is that nobody talks about the badlands.

The Badlands are very dangerous for many reasons discussed in this article, please be prepared on your journeys. If you're not prepared to lose an item, do not bring it.

The size of the Badlands is 10k x 10k blocks.

There is no keep inventory or sleeping in the Badlands. The difficulty has been set to a custom difficulty known as Nightmare.

In order to gain access to the Badlands one must acquire the [Chicken] rank. Type /badlands to be teleported to the world's spawn.

The Badlands are home to Elite monsters, the new boss creatures that inhabit the land. There are structures scattered throughout the Badlands that house these creatures along with their treasure, but some may be harder to find than others! Search high and low as most of these custom structures will hold loot and bosses within them. New weapons and gear!

The terrain generation and structures scattered throughout the Badlands are magnificent. There are many custom aspects within the Badlands, even the blocks located in the Badlands have custom textures! Please keep in mind, however, that if custom blocks are removed from the Badlands their texture may change.

The monster cap in the Badlands is 10x higher and there is 100% decrease for non-monsters (friendly creatures).

It is possible to claim land within the Badlands, and it is completely acceptable to live in this new dimension. The world, however, is on a timer and scheduled to reset. The reset for the Badlands is entirely dependent on boss availability; however with over 2000 bosses, we don't think we will run out any time soon. Current estimate for Badlands reset is 9 months to 1 year.

If a reset were to happen, it would take roughly 1 day to get things back up and running. Everything related to the world will be wiped clean, but will not wipe your Elite Mobs gear and stats.

You can find many different spawners in the Badlands, even spawners that are normally impossible to get! There are also spawners for elite mobs and it is perfectly acceptable to make farms out of either of these types of spawners.

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