ArtMap allows you to to create your own art on a canvas! You can hang them up in item frames or make copies to give or sell to people.

You can either do this at your own house or head over to /warp ArtGallery where you'll find Easels and blank Canvases ready for you to use! Feel free to hang your art at any of the spots available there.

What to Do

  1. Craft an Easel, Canvas, and Paint Brush.

  2. Place the Easel and use your Canvas on it.

  3. Click the Canvas with Dyes and Tools to paint.

  4. When you're finished, use the Paint Brush to save or you can type /art save.

Making Art

Place your easel down and click a canvas on it. Right-clicking it again will make you sit at it and also temporarily fill your inventory with different dyes. You're ready to paint!

Use the different dyes and tools of your choice to make your art.

Craft any of your pieces of art with a blank map to make a copy.

Run the command /art to view other paintings people have made!

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