AdvancedEnchantments (AE)

AdvancedPlugins breaks about once a month (we have 2 of their plugins, AdvancedEnchantments and AdvancedPets, so they both break at the same time). This is because they have their very own authentication server to make their plugin unusable for people who try to pirate it, and it turns out that their authentication server actually is garbage. It breaks. And everyone who has purchased their plugins to put on their servers (and alllll the players that come with that) get to experience their broken system. From our experience, it takes at least a few hours to "fix" but the longest we've waited for them to "fix" it was 24 hours. If you notice all of your enchants suddenly stop working, please let B or Decoy know so we can raise hell in their discord.



The Enchanter is where you can view and get enchantment books. View books in a category by right-clicking. Buy books (with XP) by left clicking a category and then confirming. The firework star item you receive is a random enchantment book from the category you bought it from, open it by right-clicking with it.


The Alchemist will combine either 2 enchantment books of the same type and level to make a new book with a higher level, or 2 Magic Dusts to make a new dust with a higher rarity.


The Tinkerer will exchange your AE enchanted gear and/or AE enchantment books for either Secret Dust or Experience bottles. Enchanted gear will get you Experience Bottles, and enchantment books will get you Secret Dust.

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