Rank 4


35 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 35 hours

This can include AFK time.

Quest: Strider: Emerald Ore
  • Mine & submit: 7 Emerald Ore

  • Mine & submit: 1 Deepslate Emerald Ore

You must use Silk Touch! Once this quest is started, it will automatically take the ores from your inventory once you have the required amount.

Track your quest progress by typing /quests started.

Advancement: Spooky Scary Skeleton
  • Obtain a Wither Skeleton's skull


+ 25 XP levels
  • Receive 25 levels worth of XP

Access to spawn plots
  • Permissions to purchase a shop plot at spawn

Please see "Sign Shop, Plots, and Warps" page under the ECONOMY section for more info.

/sell perms
  • Permissions to use /sell command

Sell items to the server shop quickly! Left click to sell, shift-left click to sell all items of the same type.

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