DEPRECATED - Summoning

The Summoning category contains 3 recipes to craft Subpoenas for 3 different Dragons. These Subpoenas act like a catalyst to spawn its respective Dragon at the End.

  • Subpoena: Margareet (Level 1)

  • Subpoena: Meatloaf (Level 2)

  • Subpoena: Potato (Level 3)

These Dragons are much harder to fight than the regular Ender Dragon and increase in difficulty with each level. They drop much more XP, and the amount of XP increases with each level.

All 3 of these recipes are craftable at any time, however they are gated behind different Prestige Ranks!

All Subpoenas are made in a smoker and take 12,000 ticks (10 minutes)

Subpoena: Margareet

Subpoena: Meatloaf

Subpoena: Potato

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