Sensible Toolbox is primarily original code, but it does use ideas and code from other sources...


SensibleToolbox directly includes code from:

It also benefits from the following Bukkit plugins, if installed:

  • ProtocolLib by Comphenix for various useful functionality

  • HoloAPI by DSH105/CaptainBern/frostalf/Hawkfalcon for holographic popup messages

  • LWC by Hidendra for vanilla inventory protection.

  • WorldGuard by sk89q/Wizjany/zml2008 for block protection and vanilla inventory protection.

  • Precious Stones by phaed420 for block protection.

  • Multiverse by lots of people for creative mode / ender storage integration.

  • Slimefun and its addons by mrCookieSlime


Various excellent Forge-based mods inspired me to write Sensible Toolbox, in an effort to at least partially replicate the modded experience in Bukkit. I was interested to see how much could be done without any client modifications at all, and while there are some significant limitations (the lack of custom item and block textures especially), I'm fairly pleased with how it's turning out so far.

On to the credits:

  • The BSU/HSU blocks are based on Barrels from Factorization and Jabba, also the Deep Storage Unit from Minefactory Reloaded.

  • The processing machines get their inspiration from multiple Forge-based mods, in particular IC2 and Thermal Expansion.

  • The energy system is primarily inspired by Thermal Expansion.

  • Numerous miscellaneous items are adapted (sometimes blatantly!) from Misc Utilities and OpenBlocks.

  • The item routing system is entirely original (as far as I'm aware), mainly due to the fact that it's difficult to do pipes with vanilla Minecraft blocks :)

  • The ender storage system is inspired by and works similarly (but not identically) to Ender Storage.

Credit to TheBusyBiscuit for maintaining STB for so long!

Credit to Sefiraat for helping to bring STB to a more stable state!

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