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These items have no direct function, but are required as crafting ingredients for certain more complex recipes.

Tier 1

These components are used in basic machine construction.

Circuit Board

This is used in the manufacture of electronic circuits.

Simple Electronic Circuit

Most basic machines will require one or more of these circuits.

Machine Frame

Most basic machines will have one of these in their recipe.

Tier 2

These more powerful components are somewhat harder to make (and locate the ingredients for), but will be required to craft some of the more powerful STB items and machines. Tier 2 items appeared in STB v0.0.3-beta.

Infernal Dust

This curious item appears as an uncommon drop from Blazes. Putting a Looting enchantment on your sword will greatly improve the chance and amount of Infernal Dust that drops:

Enchantment LevelDrop ChanceDrop Amount













In future, there will be a crafting recipe (via a machine yet to be added) to create Infernal Dust from certain ingredients. However, that machine will require Infernal Dust to craft, so blaze-killing will always be required initially.

Energized Iron & Gold Dust

Combining regular iron or gold dust with Infernal Dust imbues it with strange energies. Smelting this dust may yield something useful...

Energized Iron & Gold Ingots

These ingots are used in the construction of more advanced components:

  • Energized Gold Ingots are required to make Integrated Circuits

  • Energized Iron Ingots are required to make Tough Machine Frames These are the only known uses at this time. Who knows what items may be craftable with these ingots in future..?

Energized Quartz

Energized Quartz' only use at the moment is for Crafting the Electrical Energizer

Quartz Dust

This is made by grinding ordinary Nether Quartz in a Masher.

Silicon Wafer

Silicon Wafers are manufactured by cooking Quartz Dust in a Furnace or Smelter.

Integrated Circuit

This upgraded circuit is used in some more powerful machines and devices. Crafting it requires a Simple Electronic Circuit, an Energized Gold Ingot and a Silicon Wafer.

Tough Machine Frame

This upgraded machine frame is used in some more powerful machines. Crafting it requires a Machine Frame and four Energized Iron Ingots.

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