Tier 1 - Tantrum

Enchants are not removeable from these items.

The Polished Upgraders and Pristine Upgraders categories in the server shop are gated behind Chicken Rank

The progression path for Tantrum gear starts at the Tantrum Crate. To open the crate, you must buy a Tantrum Crate Key from the server shop. The cost of the Key is $750,000. There are 13 items in the crate:

  • Tantrum Coif

  • Tantrum Plate

  • Tantrum Wings

  • Tantrum Pants

  • Tantrum Greaves

  • Bobby the Rat

  • Tantrum Blade

  • Tantrum Bow

  • Tantrum Crossbow

  • Tantrum Pick

  • Tantrum Shovel

  • Tantrum Hoe

  • Tantrum Pole

The crate has 100% chance to drop 1 of these items, each item having the same drop chance. This means that if you are looking to get a specific item from the crate, you may find yourself having to open it many times.

Do not alter your Tantrum gear if you plan on upgrading!

It's very important to know that if you plan on upgrading your Tantrum gear, you must not alter it in any way, shape, or form. This includes changing the name, removing enchants, adding enchants, or even repairing it in an anvil. Utilize the high level of mending for repairs. Upgrading will only work on these items if they are their original form.

Soul bound

All tiers of Tantrum gear are soul bound to the player. This is automatic and there's no way to unbind it. This form of soul binding does not mean "to keep on death", it means it belongs solely to the player. No one else can pick it up off the ground or out of chests. If somehow someone else gets a hold of your soul bound item, it will be removed from their inventory and placed in an imaginary storage container and waits there for you to retrieve it. To retrieve your 'lost' soul bound item(s), run the command /returnitems and it will open up this imaginary container where your item is waiting.

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