1.* Server performance over everything - Pick up entities while mining, no super fast chunk loading, no chunkloaders, or doing things that will bog the server down.

2.* No racism, bigotry, or sexual talk - Just literally no racism, bigotry, or sexual talk - it's Minecraft.

3.* Don't be toxic, have respect - We want a healthy community where people can have a good time. Blatant trolling, low boil trolling, and passive aggressiveness won't be tolerated. Don't harass anyone for any reason and treat others the way you'd want to be treated.

4.* Cussing is allowed but keep it chill - Pretty self explanatory. If you call someone names or say 'fuck you' or whatever, you're going to get jailed or banned for breaking Rule 2.

5.* No advertising of any kind - Just don't. Everyone on the planet has to see ads everywhere they go, let's not do that here.

6.* Do not spam the chat - Spamming the chat a few times will give a warning to stop doing it. If you keep doing it you get auto-banned. Spamming the chat also includes relogging and dying on purpose over and over again, etc.

7.* No cheaty clients or hacks - We're allowing players to use some clients. Let me be very clear: if you're caught using x-ray, flying, using kill-aura, auto-reconnect, or any other hacks your client might be capable of, you'll be jailed immediately or outright banned.

8.* No griefing - Griefing of the server, public warps, people, and/or their claims is not allowed. Claiming areas in the immediate proximity of someone else's claim without their permission is considered griefing. We'll find out who did it and when, so don't do it.

9.* Basic auto-clickers are allowed - If you're not sure if you have a basic simple auto-clicker, ask B or Decoy to approve it. Other players have suggestions on which ones are good if you'd like to get one. If you keep getting kicked for sending too many packets, you'll be warned once to slow down your clicker. This directly ties in with Rule 5.

10.* AFK farming is allowed - You won't get kicked for AFK and you're allowed to use your auto-clicker to AFK farm. AFK fish farms are ok as long as you're not using cheaty clients to do it, just make a vanilla one.

11.* ONE alt account is allowed - Let admin know who your alt account is (or we'll find out). Alts can play just like regular players (collect rewards, rank up, etc.)

12.No Slimefun machines at spawn shops - This includes any machines, cargo, electricity, etc.; we don't want unnecessary lag at spawn.

13.* No arbitrary warps; they need to have community benefit ** - Warps aren't to be used as a sethome, don't make empty boxes for "afk" warps so you can have players chunkload your stuff, etc. They need to benefit the whole community.

14.* Respect server integrity ** -Respecting server integrity basically means to adhere to the systems we've implemented. A couple examples of this is not giving out Tantrum gear for free, or high end Slimefun items, and huge amounts of money. This list is not all encompassing, and Admins will ultimately have the final say in what is considered breaking this rule. We want players to work towards goals, and receiving high value items destroys our whole system. If you are playing with a friend, this is the only exception to the rule. However, lying about who is a friend will be a permanent ban without warning. We want players to work for things, otherwise we wouldn't have created the systems, gates, and overall challenge the server requires.

15.* Use your head - This is one of those rules that means it's ultimately up to admin if you get punished for committing an offense that's not listed here.

Anyone caught evading punishment for breaking the rules will be instantly perma-banned. People who've donated are not exempt from any of these rules.

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