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Forgotten Mine

This dungeon's main creator is thepog1 aka Sefiraat.

Type: Puzzle

Prerequisites: The Forsaken Chambers

Danger Level: 1 (possible fall damage and/or lava damage)

Difficulty: 4/5

Do Not:

  • Put out the candles - they are there for lighting only
  • Eat any items you find that may technically be edible
  • Throw any items into lava
  • Place any heads on the ground; this will render your item useless

Goal: Reach the Shrine at the top of the mountain

What to Do

Obtain the Charm of Sight by trading 12 Shards of Fear with the Dwarven Spirit

12 Shards of Fear
  • 10 can be found
  • 2 must be obtained by trading other items with NPCs
    • Dried Fruit (trade with Hungry Little Piglin)
    • Spruce Bark (trade with Barking Mad)

Obtain the Lofty Feather by trading 6 Shards of Hope with the Chicken

6 Shards of Hope
  • 4 can be found
  • 2 must be crafted at the secret crafting table
The are Elite Crafting Table recipes. DO NOT SHIFT-CLICK items into the crafting table. Elite Crafting Tables are buggy and you have a high chance of losing your items FOREVER if you shift-click them.
Shard of Hope
Shard of Hope
Shroom Villa
Blazing Orb
Baby Rat
Peach Sheep
Monty Mole
Lonely Seagull
Pengy the Penguin
Decoy Skull
Odd Skull
The Crow
Gold Cube
Dwarven Notch
Ultra Block
Fresh Pineapple
Yeti Remains
Ice Rune
Rainbow Stack
Axe A Little
Santa's Doggy
Human Skull
Lava Lamp
Bilbo Baggins
Lost Traveler's Cat
Winter Bee
Fire Wood
Unconventional Farmer
Lost Traveler
Hidden Gem
Laiken the Mermaid
At some point, you will obtain another key item needed to find these artifacts.
Everything you need to complete the dungeon is provided within the dungeon!
After you've completed all of the above, find your way to the Shrine at the top of the mountain.

What now?

You'll receive a special item after dungeon completion for you to keep as a memento! Congratulations!
If you somehow collected extra dungeon items during your journey, keep them to yourself or trash them. They are not to be given, traded, or sold to others.