Approximately 330 quests!
Access your quests menu by typing /quests or /q.
You can do up to 50 quests at a time. Track your quest progress by typing /quests started.
There are 7 main categories that you'll be looking at in the quests menu.
Rank Quests
Mining Quests
Combat Quests
Farming/Food Quests
Husbandry Quests
Miscellaneous Quests
Repeatable Quests (dailies)

Other quests

Pristine Quests

These quests are meant to upgrade your Tier 2 - Polished to Tier 3 - Pristine. You can find NPC blacksmiths at /warp Info_Island who can do this for you.

Pokemon Breeding

When you breed 2 pokemon, right-clicking with the egg will start a 'quest' requiring you to walk a certain amount of distance to hatch the egg.

Dungeon Quests

When you teleport to a dungeon, a quest will automatically start for you. This quest will complete when you finish the dungeon.
Forgotten Mine has an extra 'quest' within the dungeon. You'll know it when you find it, and this quest is for you to obtain a key item needed for you to finish.
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Other quests