Infinity Expansion

Infinity Expansion

InfinityExpansion is an addon to the plugin Slimefun which adds a bunch of new machines and resources. It expands the endgame of Slimefun by a large margin.

Information provided is assumed without LiteXpansion's nerfs.

LiteXpansion alters electricity requirements and outputs in some cases, so if you are not playing on MCT, these values may seem incorrect. Contact your server admin to see if nerfs are enabled. MCT does not use LiteXpansion's nerf.

MCT has a few altered values that are inline with our server's goal of being overpowered. These include:

  • 50% decreased cost multiplier for singularities

  • 25% increased output speed

However, we will not include these values in the wiki, as this wiki is based around default values.

Texture Pack

A Texture Pack that adds texture for some items in this addon (requires Optifine):


Some stats about the addon including current server count and player count are available here:

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