Brewery Crate

The Brewery Crate is located at /warp Info-Island and you can get the key as a drop from the Vote Crate.

All items have an equal chance to drop with no win limits or cooldowns. All brews are 100% perfect, so some of them will give you XP upon drinking! View the recipes to see which brews can give XP and how much XP you can actually get!

Items inside:

  • Berry Moonshine

  • Scotch Whiskey

  • Spooky Spicey Rum

  • Golden Rum

  • Great Apple Cider

  • Calvados

  • Apple Wine

  • Golden Mead

  • Melon Wine

  • Glowing Mushroom Vodka

  • Moonshine

  • Red Wine

  • Sweet Golden Apple Mead

  • Russian Vodka

  • Tequila anejo

  • Fine Wheatbeer

  • Lemon Drop Moonshine

  • Honey Mead

  • Bright Green Absinthe

  • Advocaat

  • Old Tom Gin

  • Fine Darkbeer

  • Spooky Vodka

  • Apple Pie Moonshine

  • Fine Beer

  • Tea with Honey

  • Orange Soda

  • Grape Soda

  • Sprite

  • Pepsi

  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte

  • Bloody Mary

  • Strong Absinthe

  • Cherry Pepsi

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Strong Coffee

  • Honey Lemon Tea

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