Rank 3


20 hours playtime
  • Be on the server for 20 hours

This can include AFK time.

Quest: Turtle: Diamond Ore
  • Mine & submit: 2 Diamond Ore

  • Mine & submit: 30 Deepslate Diamond Ore

You must use Silk Touch! Once this quest is started, it will automatically take the ores from your inventory once you have the required amount.

Track your quest progress by typing /quests started.

Advancement: We Need to go Deeper
  • Enter the Nether dimension


+ 1 /sethome
  • Receive 1 more slot for a home point

You now have a total of 3 /sethome locations.

+ 20 XP levels
  • Receive 20 levels worth of XP

/nick perms
  • Permissions to use /nick <nickname> command

A nickname can be minimum 4 and maximum 16 characters.

Colors can only be used if you purchased that option on our website.

Custom Hex Nickname: https://mctantrum.craftingstore.net/category/376005

Bronze Bundle including basic colored nick: https://mctantrum.craftingstore.net/category/376002

/recipe perms
  • Permissions to use /recipe <item> command

Type this command to bring up a GUI showing the recipe for the item specified.

This command works only for vanilla items.

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