Tips and Info

Technical Info and Server Settings
  • The server's birthday is March 4, 2021.

  • Restarts are daily at 6:00am EST.

  • Maintenance is *usually* weekly, every Sunday from 6:00am - 8:00am EST.

  • View updates and changes in discord channel #updates-changes.

  • All player data gets erased after 6 months of inactivity, except for land claims which are playtime based.

  • The server is located in Miami, FL, USA.

  • Keep Inventory is turned on except in the Badlands

  • You are automatically visible on DynMap on first join. Toggle with /hide or /show.

  • The HUD on the right side of your game screen is your quickboard. It has some important info usually found in F3 and some other helpful info relating to you. Toggle it on or off by typing /toggleqb.

  • There's a 10% chance that you will drop 1% of your money if you're killed by another player! The PVP arena at spawn has this turned off by default.

  • Villager trades are turned off to preserve healthy economy for enchantment books. Obtain enchantment books by fishing (fishing has been buffed) and enchantment table.

Plugin Specific
  • McMMO does not register mobs killed from a spawner, so you cannot level up that way.

  • Create elevator signs -the top line should read [Elevator]. Place them vertically in line with each other for them to work. Right-click to go up and shift right-click to go down.

  • If PVP is not working for you and a friend, double check that you're not in a party (mcmmo). Being in a party will stop the ability to harm each other.

  • You can do up to 50 quests at a time.

  • You can have up to 3 jobs at once.

General Gameplay
  • Silk Touch books can be purchased for very cheap from the NPCs that live around the tree at spawn.

  • Actually, check the NPCs out for other custom items too!

  • You can sit on all slabs and stairs by right-clicking them.

  • You start off with 5 claim chunks and get more each time you claim your 3 hour /rewards.

  • It is good practice to name your tools, armor, or special items if they have default names. This is because clearlagg will not clear items with custom names.

  • Press F3 + H to see advanced tooltips like technical item name and amount of NBT tags.

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