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Combine Hoe

This useful item makes manual farm maintenance much easier! Features:

  • Left-clicking any growing plants (both crops and wild) will harvest a 3x3 area around the clicked plant, not just the plant. This costs 1 durability point, regardless of the number of plants broken.

  • Breaking tree leaves with the combine hoe will harvest up to a 3x3x3 block of leaves, with normal fruit/sapling drop chances. This costs 1 durability point, regardless of the number of leaves broken.

  • Right-clicking dirt or grass will turn up to a 3x3 area into tilled farmland. A durability point is taken for each block that is turned into farmland.

  • Right-clicking air will open a 9-slot seed bag inventory into which you can place any sowable seeds. Only one type of seed can be held at a time, though.

  • Right-clicking soil will sow any seeds in the seed bag in a 3x3 area around the clicked block. This doesn't cost any durability.

The combine hoe is unfortunately not repairable in an anvil. It will probably become a chargeable item in the next release, meaning item durability will no longer be an issue. The recipe above is for the diamond combine hoe; you can also use wood, iron, or gold tools to make a corresponding wood, iron, or gold combine hoe with the standard durability of tools of that material.

Watering Can

This handy little device can be filled with water from any water source block. It can then be used as follows:

  • When right-clicked on any growing crops, all crops in a 3x3 area will have their growth accelerated a little and some water will be consumed.

  • When right-clicked on any dirt block with adjacent grass block(s), the dirt will immediately turn to grass.

  • Any soil that is right-clicked will immediately gain maximum irrigation level.

  • If you're on fire, right-clicking will extinguish the fire (takes a lot of water to do this though!)

BEWARE: over-watering will lead to flooding, where soil blocks will turn to water source blocks, and crops will be uprooted. You will get a warning message if soil is getting very wet - don't ignore it. Soil become less saturated over time, so wait a little before watering further. (Note that saturation level is different from the vanilla soil irrigation level and can't be seen normally, but see the Moisture Checker below...)

Moisture Checker

If you want to find out just how saturated your soil is, to avoid potential flooding, this item may come in handy. Right-click it on any soil or crop block, and a 3x3 area of soil will temporarily be shown as coloured wool, with the colour code indicating the saturation level:

  • Yellow: under 10% saturation

  • Brown: 10%-29%

  • Green: 30%-49%

  • Pale blue: 50%-69%

  • Mid blue: 70%-89%

  • Dark blue: 90% or more - stop watering!

There is also an advanced version of the moisture checker which scans a 5x5 area - to get this, just craft a basic Moisture Checker with a diamond.

Auto Farms

Auto Farm

The Auto Farm is your most simple automatic Farming Device. It can handle a total of 9 Crops since it works in a 3x3 Radius. While it requires Power to run it can harvest and replant Crops fully automatically. However it does not plant them initially, it only maintains existing Plants. This Machine will harvest exactly two Blocks above it. So make sure your Auto Farm is arranged like this

But do keep in mind that this Tier can only harvest the following Crops:

  • Wheat

  • Potatoes

  • Carrots

Advanced Farm

Basically the exact same as the standard Auto Farm, however with a Radius of 7x7 instead of 3x3.

Auto Farm MKII

The second Tier of the Auto Farm functions just the same as its parent the normal Auto Farm with two small tweaks: It can harvest in a 5x5 Radius instead of a 3x3 Radius. Instead of the MKI Farm it does not harvest Crops though. Instead it only harvests the following Blocks:

  • Cactus

  • Sugar Cane

  • Cocoa Beans

An example of what it could look like can be found here:

Auto Forester

The Auto Forester harvests any grown trees above it and then replants them again, similar to an Auto Farm. Its radius is 5x5, 25 blocks in total. It only consumes power when it is harvesting trees and replanting them, so it is not that power hungry. An example of it:

Infernal Farm

The infernal farm functions just the same as the Auto Farm, but it harvests and replants any completely grown nether warts in an 5x5 radius.

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