Custom Building Blocks

Find the custom building blocks under the Blocks Expansion category in /shop. Each block costs $10,000 each and has a stock of 256. Price fluctuation ranges from ~$8k to $12k. This shop category automatically resets its value and stock every ~6 hours. These values were created at this time due to not knowing the full ramifications of adding so many building blocks. We can change cost and stock as needed after some time if server is receiving little to no impact on performance.

Known issues: - You'll notice if you hold mouse button to mine one and then move to the next one without letting go of the mouse, it doesn't really mine it up, it makes it invisible until you place a block next to it to show it again. This is not ideal and is really annoying but there's nothing we can do about it, it's just what happens when you try to make noteblocks have custom textures. Having efficiency on your pick or axe greatly helps prevent this. If you don't have efficiency, just mine one block at a time. - Network Grids are most likely "Limestone Pillar" if they were already placed down before I updated the resource pack; newly placed Network Grids are normal; they are still functional as Network Grids so you can either leave it like that or break it and re-place it and it will go back to a regular noteblock texture - "Lantern" blocks cannot actually emit light unless (and until) we get LightAPI - Blocks can only be placed in one directional orientation, meaning you can't make the top texture show on the side of the block by placing it on a wall

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