Inactive Player Policy

What is it?

We are limited by space in 2 ways: actual server disc space, and physical world space. This policy enables us to keep server files cleaned up and minimal, and ensures new players being able to come in and have enough room to play.
Activity is defined as actual gameplay on the server, determined by automatic aspects and also determined by admin. Logging in, placing a piece of cobble, and logging out every once in a while is not considered being an active player.
Legacy players are exempt from this entire policy.
Please communicate! This policy is not meant to be detrimental to players who didn't intend to become Inactive! If you've got something going on or know you have something coming up and you just can't play for a time, please just let us know and we'll protect your claims. Going to jail for 3 months? That's cool, just let us know. Taking a nice vacation for a month? Awesome, let us know!
We are adamant about not keeping useless various data of any kind for purposes of keeping server performance optimal.
This process has been almost entirely automated.


  • Claims themselves (not the physical build/contents in the claims) get automatically abandoned after 2 weeks of a player not visiting the claim..
    • Anything not claimed becomes fair game to anyone who comes across it in the wild.
    • Logging in and logging out won't stop this from happening. You must visit each of your claims at least once every 2 weeks to refresh them.
  • Players are considered completely Inactive after 30 days of not playing.
  • If you become Inactive, only your inventory and ender chest contents will be distributed to the server, via Inventory Coupon, a reward from the Vote Crate.
  • Occasionally, Inactive player bases that have fallen through the cracks can be susceptible to server-wide raid events.
  • Your money, tokens, claim blocks, XP, rank, McMMO data, homes set, Slimefun research progress, etc. will be deleted.
  • You will be rolled back.
    • Every block you ever mined and placed will get reverted to what it was before you touched it.
    • This can possibly include blocks you've placed at another players base.
  • Warps you've created get transferred to admin. It's at our discretion whether to remove it completely or keep it, based on how popular the warp is among the community.
  • Banned players have 1 week to put in a ban appeal. After 1 week of not receiving a ban appeal, the player is fast-tracked through the wiping process.
We do not have intentions of resetting the map. However, if we are forced to reset, all of these points will be made null and everything must go.
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