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Legacy Player Policy

Legacy players are completely immune and protected from the Inactivity wipe, and your claims will never expire.
If you're a Legacy player and you've been absent for more than 30 days, logging in any time after that will appear to you that you've joined for the first time. This is because all your data and statistics get packaged away nicely and put into storage (instead of deleted like regular inactive players) and it required Decoy or B to pull you out of storage.
If you verbally quit the server or get banned, your Legacy status is revoked.
We have no plans to ever reset the map but if we are ever forced to do so, this cannot protect you from that. You and your stuff will also be reset.
Getting banned will result in loss of your Legacy status.
You can obtain Legacy status by:
  • As a reward for reaching Prestige Cod

Legacy Players

  • nyxphoenixox
  • Toru12
  • ABitOddish
  • DredgenZero
  • charzy97
  • blaketheboss567
  • Hyper_Panda420
  • MagicBlockMom
  • Speranza1
  • thepog1 (Sefiraat)
  • iamdes
  • Azgodeth
  • Udek
  • SkinnyBois (akd BeardBois)
  • EvanFarwalker