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Legacy Player Policy
Legacy players are completely immune and protected from the Inactivity wipe. Obtaining Legacy status will grant you 100k claim blocks; this is to ensure your claims will always stay active.
We have no plans to ever reset the map but if we are ever forced to do so, this cannot protect you from that. You and your stuff will also be reset.
Getting banned will result in loss of your Legacy status.
You can obtain Legacy status 2 ways:

Legacy Players

  • nyxphoenixox
  • Toru12
  • ABitOddish
  • DredgenZero
  • charzy97
  • Fracticus
  • blaketheboss567
  • Hyper_Panda420
  • MagicBlockMom
  • Speranza1
  • thepog1 (Sefiraat)
  • 1rubberducky2
  • iamdes
  • Azgodeth
  • EvanFarwalker
  • SkinnyBois
  • MikkelRayn
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